CrossFit SixtyFive100



We are committed to providing high quality in our services. Quality is reflected in professional coaching and continuous education of our coaches. In training, quality means also ensuring safe training and supporting the overall well-being of the individual.


Box’s community is formed on the basis of the joy of movement that unites all our members, and all our members are valued and respected. The participation of all members is recognized and every member of the community has the opportunity to influence the culture and atmosphere of our box.


With us everybody has a equal access to exercise and sports, our coaches are commit to supporting members in their goals.


CrossFit is a fitness program that helps you perform everyday tasks, effectively prevents aging of the body, and supports weight management.

Due to its functionality and diversity, the training is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, sports background, or fitness level.

The program is based on high-intensity, constantly varied movements that combine gymnastics, weightlifting, and aerobic exercises. All the movements performed in the program can be modified according to the skill and level of the trainee.

Who are we?

CrossFit SixtyFive100 is committed to high quality, both in coaching and training. Our community is based on respect and appreciation, where every individual has an equal opportunity to practice safely. CrossFit SixtyFive100 is first licensed CrossFit box in Vaasa.

We are located  almost in the heart of Vaasa, 260m from city center / marketplace.



In CrossFit you start by going to a Foundation course to provide you with the basics of CrossFit and why CrossFit is a good way of training. Through this we get you familiar with the movements and how we operate in CrossFit Box so that everybody regardless of their level can participate, have fun and have a safe workout.


Mon, Wed, Fri 08:45-11:00, 15:30-20:00

Tue, Thu 07:45-11:00, 15:30-20:00

Sat 09:00-12:00

Sun 16:30-19:00